EPSU public services network

(25 February 2010) With the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty there are now clear obligations on the European Union to develop a positive agenda for public services and fundamental rights.

EPSU wants to make full use of the new possibilities so that a strong public sector and quality public services can play their role in combating the economic crisis and securing the long-term development of our societies, both within and outside the EU. This means, for example, that public services must feature prominently in the new EU 2020 strategy (see http://www.epsu.org/a/6127).

The EPSU public services network will be a key instrument in developing EPSU’s input into the EU public services agenda. The agenda for the kick off meeting of the network that took place on 2 February, was shaped by the position paper adopted by Executive Committee in November 2009 on ‘Services of General Interest after Lisbon’. This sets out the main EPSU demands ‘post’ Lisbon
- SGI protocol to the Lisbon Treaty as ‘benchmark’ or reference point by which to judge EU and national developments regarding public services
- ‘general interest’ statute as way of strengthening the regulatory framework applicable to public services providers
- Universal access to public services, as a key demand (and reinforced by wording from the SGI Protocol)
- A European Parliament (EP) intergroup on public services, as a forum to build cross-party political support for quality public services. (The EP intergroup has now been set up.)

Report of the EPSU Public Services Network

Meeting 2 February 2010, Brussels

Identifying and mobilising expertise in the EPSU Public Services Network

- Members of the network and all interested affiliates are invited to complete the form below (annex 3 of the meeting report) in order to help EPSU identify and make use of expertise on quality public services.

Please return this form as soon as possible to pclarke@epsu.org or akrijger@epsu.org.

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