EPSU condemns terror in Barcelona. We stand with the workers and people in Spain

CCOO y UGT condenan los atentados de Barcelona y Cambrils

CCOO y UGT condenan los atentados de Barcelona y Cambrils

(18 August 2017) A terror attack killed 13 people and injured over 100 at the Ramblas in Barcelona, 17 August 2017. Our thoughts are with the family, friends and co-workers of those killed and injured. Our sympathy is with the people in Barcelona and Spain. Another attempt to murder people was prevented in Cambrils. People showed their courage and solidarity with strangers providing shelter and assistance. First responders, firefighters, police and security forces, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors and other medical staff, municipal workers and so many more public workers rushed in to secure, safe, help and care in unsecure and often dangerous situations. We applaud their work. We stand with our comrades, with the workers and people in our solidarity across our workplaces, our borders and cultures. We are united in our demand and desire for social justice, peace, freedom and democracy.

The Spanish unions have called upon workers to take Spanish ETUC affiliates call on all workers to gather at midday (18th) at the entrance of their workplace and observe a minute of silence to express their solidarity with the victims as well as their commitment to peace, justice, tolerance, and democracy.

Shortly after the terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, people were stabbed in the Finnish city of Turku. 2 women died and 6 women and 2 men were injured, 18 August. EPSU has sent a message of condolences and sympathy to the Finnish affiliates.

EPSU letter to the Spanish unions

ETUC reaction

Websites of the Spanish confederation UGT and CCOO 

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