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EPSU puts Working Time Directive top of agenda in Demonstration

Euro Demonstration,19 March 2005, Brussels
EU Working-time proposals are surreal!

UE temps de travail = propositions surréalistes !

EU arbeidstijd voorstellen zijn surreel !

EU Arbeitszeit Vorschläge sind Surreal!

El concepto de tiempo de trabajo de la UE es surrealismo puro !

EUs arbetstidsförslag är ur tiden !

“The European Commission’s proposals to change the EU Working Time Directive are a gift to European employers’ and nothing short of a scandal”.

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EPSU General Secretary, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, addresses Saturday’s demonstration

Addressing 50,000 workers gathered on the streets of Brussels, this Saturday (19 March), these were the opening words of a speech by EPSU General Secretary Carola Fischbach-Pyttel. She went on to state that the proposals to legitimise the individual opt-out, to introduce a new category of work for in-house on call workers, termed “inactive-time” and to steal the rights of workers by denying them collective bargaining, were an illustration of just how far the Commission will go to satisfy Employers. Ms. Fischbach-Pyttel stated that a productive Europe, an EU in tune with the Lisbon strategy goals, can only be based on strongly motivated, respected workers.

The demonstration is the latest step in a concerted campaign by EPSU to highlight how contemptuous of workers the Commission has become - a contempt, which includes ignoring European Court of Justice rulings, which favours balanced working time arrangements. The theme of the campaign is ‘EU working time proposals are surreal’ . It is set to run until the June Social Affairs Council, where Europe’s Labour Ministers are set to consider European Parliament proposals to radical amend the Commission text.

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EPSU Vice-President and recently re-elected UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis with Mike Travis, RCN - photo by © Michael Contes
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