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3-4 December 2009

EPSU Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining Conference, 3-4 December 2009


Decent work in the Public Services

3-4 December 2009

International Trade Union House (ITUH) – Room Auditorium

5 Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels

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Collective bargaining in the crisis

As the economic crisis continues to threaten jobs and pay and conditions in the public services, this year’s conference will provide an opportunity to debate how EPSU affiliates have been able to respond to this very tough collective bargaining environment. We hope to be able to exchange information on how trade unions have been able to negotiate the best deals for their members in the face of employer demands for pay freezes or even pay cuts. ETUC advisor Ronald Janssen will provide a broader cross-sectoral perspective on the crisis and this will be followed by a session specifically on the public services.

Decent work

In many countries the public sector has often been regarded as a model employer, delivering in negotiation with trade unions, a range of policies on training, working time and other issues, that go to make up what can be described as decent work. This session will discuss the extent to which progress has been made in offering decent work across the public services and the extent to which this is now under threat from the current economic crisis. A research paper evaluating EPSU policies on lifelong learning and working time will provide some background to this debate.

2009 EPSU Congress follow up

This year’s Congress adopted a main resolution on collective bargaining but other resolutions – on equal pay, the European social model and the different sectors – also have implications for our collective bargaining work. The conference will be a good opportunity to discuss the key elements of these resolutions and agree priorities for the next five years.


There will be three simultaneous workshops on day two of the conference and the themes in this year’s conference will focus on the crisis, looking at the impact on women workers; the importance of lifelong learning and training to help workers retain jobs or find new employment; and strategies to resist the spread of precarious employment. Participants are invited to indicate their preferred choice of workshop on their participation form and we will try to accommodate everyone within the limits of the interpretation provided.

Last year’s conference attracted over 130 participants from 24 countries and we hope that this year’s conference will even better attended so that we can have a wide-ranging exchange of views on how to deal with the crisis and how we plan to implement the Congress collective bargaining resolution over the next five years.

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