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Regional Conference to develop the theme: the future of European industrial relations in the Public Services, 9-10 September 2008


To all EPSU affiliates in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey

Regional Conference to develop the theme: The Future of European industrial relations in the Public Services

9-10 September 2008

Hotel San Marco, Via Longhena 42, 37138 Verona - Italy

- short report of the meeting

We would like to invite you to take part in a conference on collective bargaining and social dialogue in Verona on 9-10 September. This is the first time that EPSU has organised regional meetings on collective bargaining and we hope that this might be a good way of encouraging more detailed discussion and debate on key issues on which affiliates in neighbouring countries might be able to co-ordinate their policy. The size of the conference (+/- 40 participants) should also provide a better opportunity for affiliates to get involved in each debate.

The draft programme for the meeting is attached. Briefing documents will be sent out shortly. You will see that the main themes of the conference will be:

  • Making the sectoral social dialogue more effective - the twin challenges of the sectoral social dialogue are about securing concrete agreements at European level and ensuring their implementation at national level - what scope is there to learn from the experience of other sectors and co-ordinate policy on common issues that affect all sectors?
  • Collective bargaining co-ordination - for several years now EPSU has been trying to maintain and improve the flow of information between affiliates with a view to this laying the foundations of a more effective co-ordination of policy. The federation now has a number of policies on equal pay, working time, low pay and affiliates are currently considering a new policy on age management. How can we ensure that these are followed up at national level? In the lead up to Congress 2009 perhaps the federation should also be looking at specific initiatives at a sectoral or cross-border level?
  • The ETUC pay campaign and developments in pay - will look at how public service unions can contribute to the ETUC’s campaign on decent pay and look at recent controversies over the impact of pay increases, particularly in the public sector, on economic stability.
  • The European Court threat to collective bargaining - a number of recent judgements (Laval, Viking, Rüffert) potentially pose serious threats to collective bargaining systems around Europe. We will look at the latest assessments and the trade union response.

Further information on EPSU Collective Bargaining work can be found here

This will be the third of three such conferences. The first took place in London and the second in Berlin. Affiliates from the following countries are invited to send delegates to the Verona meeting: Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

The funding for the event means that places will be limited to around 40. We would aim to get a minimum of two and no more than four delegates from each country. Please agree these registrations amongst yourselves.

I refer you to the appended practical information sheet for further information and kindly request you to complete and return the appended participation form by 25 June 2008 at the very latest.

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