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Collective Bargaining Conference, 9-10 December 2008

EPSU Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining Conference

Co-ordinating and strengthening the social dialogue and collective bargaining in the public services

9-10 December 2008

International Trade Union House (ITUH) - Room Auditorium, 5 Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels

GIFFull report of the Conference

EPSU’s 2008 Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining Conference will take place in Brussels on 9-10 December and will include debates on key issues such as the impact of European Court cases (Laval, Viking, Rüffert, Luxembourg) on collective bargaining and negotiating over equal pay.

The European Court has now issued several judgements that pose a serious threat to collective bargaining across Europe and undermine attempts by national systems to prevent social dumping. The conference debate will provide an opportunity to discuss how the ETUC and its affiliates are responding to this and to find out how trade unions in countries particularly affected by the judgements assess the situation.

The issue of equal pay has been a regular subject of debate at recent EPSU conferences on collective bargaining but is even more relevant this year following high-profile strikes in Denmark and Sweden where equal pay at the core of trade union demands. The session will provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss progress on closing the gender pay gap and what can be achieved through social dialogue and collective bargaining.

In response to requests from affiliates, we have added two new elements to the conference format this year - firstly, a choice of workshops and secondly a forum for exchanging information. However, if these are to work then we really need affiliates to send us an early response to this invitation indicating what their preferences are.

This year we are offering a choice of five possible workshop themes on the morning of the second day. Please see the list on the draft programme and indicate your preferred choice on the participation form. We will confirm the workshop arrangements in early October on the basis of the responses from participants.

The second session of the morning of the second day will be a review of the debate that was started at last year’s conference on the future of European industrial relations in the public services. There will be a report back from the three regional conferences that have also discussed this theme.

The afternoon of the second day will provide an opportunity to assess progress and look forward to the key areas of work during the pre-Congress period of 2008 and early 2009 and then participants will have the chance of sharing information directly with other participants in a special information exchange.


GIFMeeting documents

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