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2015 May epsucob@NEWS 07

Germany - social services strike; Turkey - initial victory for hospital workers; France - hospital workers’ demonstrate over working time; Denmark - key agreement with private care provider; Austria - agreement covering non-profit hospitals

EPSU calls on EP to reject ISDS in plenary vote on TTIP
10 June

(29 May 2015) EPSU calls for EP plenary vote on TTIP to ‘replay’ ISDS vote, stick to commitments on public services, and protect workers’ rights In the run up to the plenary vote on TTIP in the European Parliament on 10 June 2015, the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) calls on all political groups to take a long and hard look at Investor to State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). The proposals from the European Commission for a reformed ISDS do very little to address the (...)

Talks in prospect over revaluation of social services jobs

Services union ver.di has welcomed the willingness of the VKA local government employers to resume negotiations over the revaluing of salaries for workers in social services. In the meantime workers in the sector have continued to mobilise with 50000 now on strike across the country and big demonstrations taking place in Frankfurt with 16000 people and Hamburg supported by 15000. Read more at > ver.di (DE) And at > ver.di (...)

European Commission challenges minimum wage in transport

The European Commission has launched infringement procedures against the German government on the basis of its application of the new national minimum wage in the transport sector. The Commission claims that the application of German measures to transit and certain international transport operations can’t be justified, "as it creates disproportionate administrative barriers which prevent the internal market from functioning properly." The European Transport Workers’ Federation has argued that (...)

Court backs unions claim over collective bargaining

Health sector unions - FSP-UGT, FESS-CCOO and CSIF - have mounted a legal challenge to the Ministry of Health over its failure to engage in collective bargaining over key elements of working conditions. The Supreme Court has now accepted the legitimacy of the unions’ appeal against a national court decision on their claim. The unions have questioned clinical management agreements and arrangements governing nursing staff and prescription drugs. The three unions have also been mobilising over (...)

Progess towards bargaining in state sector

Following a mobilisation outside the offices of the Director General of Public Administration, unions have secured an agreement to a meeting before June 15 to discuss a range of issues and prepare to convene negotiations in the General State Administration. The priority for the unions is to stop the destructive cuts in public employment which is leading to a collapse in services to citizens. They also want to recoup the loss of bonuses and the cuts and freezes in salaries over recent years. (...)

European Parliament’s intergroup Commons kicks off

(29 May 2015) With austerity policies impacting on public services and commercialisation increasingly effecting more spheres of public space, people in many European countries are developing alternatives, to cooperate in defense of what is of all use. Representatives of many such initiatives came together in the European Parliament to share experience and practice, how we can work together and if the European level can contribute. Members of different political parties are cooperating to (...)

Unions call on government to unblock bargaining

The public sector trade union federations - Fp-Cgil Cisl-Fp Uil-Fpl and Uil-Pa - have called on the government to lift its freeze on collective bargaining in the public sector in advance of a high court ruling expected on 23 June. There has been no collective bargaining for six years and so public sector workers have seen their pay frozen and eroded by inflation over that period which has had major implications for demand in the economy. The unions argue that what was initially presented as (...)

Federations continue their campaign to defend provincial government

Following the protests on 11 April, the three main public service federations - Fp-Cgil, Cisl-Fp and Uil-Fpl - organised another day of action on 27 May in defence of provincial government workers’ jobs, pay and conditions and the services they provide. The unions organised rallies, marches and flash mobs across the country raising awareness about the threats posed by the reorganisation of provincial government services and the need for a government commitment to protect services and jobs. (...)

Initial victory for hospital workers

Nearly six months after 98 workers were sacked by a private contractor at Maltepe hospital in Istanbul, a court has ruled that the company must reinstate a third of the workers or pay significant compensation. The verdict is a first step and others are due covering other employees who were dismissed. The union will seek discussions on reinstatement and a collective agreement. Read more at > (...)

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