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European Parliament follows EPSU and transparency campaigners position: freeze of EC experts groups budget

(22 October 2014) The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of freezing the budgets of the Commission’s problematic Expert Groups, 22 October. This is the second time that MEPs have taken drastic action in four years. It was a demand of EPSU and a large group of unions and social action groups. It is part of the work of EPSU to demand more transparency and balance in how the European Commission works with expert groups. EPSU also made representations to the European Ombudsman on (...)

Britain needs a pay rise – EPSU supportS the thousands who marched for fair pay

Saturday 18 October, EPSU General Secretary marched together with thousands of workers in London with the message: "Britain Needs a Pay Rise - because we’re Worth It".

First Global meeting to discuss TISA resounding success

(21 October 2014) More than 150 participants attended the first Trade In Services Agreement public forum held. Trade union, civil society organisations, Members of the EUropean Parliament and Governments were represented at the meeting held in Geneva on Friday 17th. This first Global Trade in Services Forum was co-organised by Public Services International (PSI), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) network. TISA is being negotiated in Europe by the (...)

Recommendations towards closing the gender pay gap

Adopted on 30 September 2014 TUNED (Trade Union’s National and European Delegation) - EUPAE (European Public Administration Employers) Background In 2011, the Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government Administrations (SDC CGA)1 adopted a statement Towards equal pay that calls for, amongst others, wage transparency as a prerequisite for closing the gender pay gap. At European level, a first obstacle to pay transparency is the absence of comparative gendered pay data for Central (...)

EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement: Transparency totally lacking

(21 October 2014) Trade negotiators for Japan and EU are meeting this week. EPSU and other organisations want that the EU and Japan provide full details of the mandate and the texts being discussed. The trade negotiators will seek to make progress on a free trade agreement between the EU and Japan. Such a trade deal could be similar as those currently being discussed between the EU and Canada (CETA) and between the EU and the US (TTIP). The CETA agreement and the TTIP negotiations are (...)

EPSU supports civil society letter UNCTAD in investor protection

In the letter sent to UNCTAD - UN Conference on Trade and Development (15 October) draw attention to the implications of investment protection treaties on the prospects for sustainable development in our countries and regions. There are many Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), NAFTA, the Energy Treaty Charter or other International Investment Agreements. The signatories urge UNCTAD - which is the organisation at the level of the United Nations that provides guidance and support for (...)

2014 October epsucob@NEWS 17

UK - health and civil service strikes go ahead but local government strike suspended: Italy - national demo to support private sector workers providing public services; Ukraine - protests over pay, labour rights and job cuts; Belgium - confederations plan strike action against austerity

Massive support for health service industrial action

Health service trade unions report high levels of support for the four hours of strike action on Monday 13 October and the industrial action (working to rule) on following days. The strike was notable for the involvement of the Royal College of Midwives, the first ever strike in the union’s 133-year history. The unions are also backing the TUC’s national demonstration on 18 October. Read more at > Unison And at > GMB And at > Unite And at > RCM And at > (...)

Local government strike action suspended

The planned one-day local government strike in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 14 October was called off and further action suspended while the trade unions consult with their members over an improved offer from the employers. The offer includes pay increases ranging from 8.56% for the lowest paid to 2.2% for those on higher pay scales. The increases would take effect from 1 January 2015 while there would be lump sum payments of between £100 (€125) and £325 (€410) in December 2014, again (...)

Federations protest to support private sector workers providing public services

The Fp-Cgil, Cisl-Fp, Uil-Pa and Uil-Fpl federations have come together to organise a national demonstration on 18 October calling for better treatment of workers from the private and non-profit sectors who provide public services. The federations note that often these workers are on poorer pay and conditions with precarious contracts and that the aim is to begin pay and conditions more into line with public sector practice as has been done in the waste sector. Read more at > Fp-Cgil (...)

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