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Building unions in Central and Eastern Europe

(12 February 2016) Twenty union activists and officers from five countries met this week in London, at the head offices of public services union Unison, to discuss organising and recruitment strategies and tactics. The seminar was organised by EPSU and the ETUI trade union training organisation and targeted at affiliates active in health and social services in Lithuania, Romania and the Czech and Slovak Republics. National and local representatives from these countries were joined by (...)

6th EWC meeting in Suez Environment-anticipating skills, qualifications and competences in the waste and water sector

(12 February 2016) European Works Council’s Representatives from Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Spain met again time on 10/11 February to further discuss the details of the text of the transposition of the Gdf-Suez European Group Agreement on Strategic Workforce Planning into the new company SUEZ Environment. EPSU was represented by Christine Jakob. SUEZ considers Strategic Workforce Planning (GPEC) as a key (...)

EPSU update on trade and public services February 2016

(10 February 2016) Please find below the February EPSU update on trade. This update reports developments regarding CETA, TTIP and TiSA and also includes information about: ISDS and the new EC proposal for ICS (Investment Court System) the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) that was recently concluded Also below is the new ETUC position on TiSA. All EPSU trade updates are available at http://www.epsu.org/r/231 Trade & PS update February 2016 ETUC position on TiSA (...)

Short report of the ETUI-EPSU seminar on the Circular Economy

(10 February 2016) The concept of the circular economy is gaining more attention and recognition. The European Commission presented proposals on how to achieve it as part of the Circular Economy Package on 2 December. Key components are the prevention and reduction of waste, the increase in the re-use and recycling of products and much more. This will contribute to the sustainability of the European economy. The circular economy offers a window on a better society. However, the European (...)

Junior doctors take industrial action over hours and pay

(9 February 2016) Junior doctors in England will take industrial action tomorrow in the latest stage of their campaign to defend their working conditions and patient safety. The action is part of a long-running dispute over new contracts. The doctors, represented by the British Medical Association (BMA) argue, in particular, that the government proposals will remove vital safeguards on working hours. This will not only threaten the health and safety of junior doctors but the quality of (...)

Solidarity with UK #HeartUnions campaign

This week (8-14 February) EPSU shows solidarity with the TUC’s #heartunions campaign against the Conservative government’s Trade Union Bill. Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, #heartunions is an opportunity to showcase the vital work of unions and celebrate our key successes in improving the rights and conditions of workers. Activities have been organised up and down the UK, and supporters are encouraged to share their positive stories and photos with the TUC and on social media. You can read (...)

Local authorities unions and employers discuss migration and the impact on jobs and working conditions

EPSU-CEMR Seminar in Berlin-27th of January 2015 (4 February 2016) Europe is facing difficult times in managing migration. The EU as a whole received 78% more asylum applications in 2014 compared to the year before. Municipalities are at the forefront of dealing with the daily arrivals of refugees in a number of European countries. Therefore, EPSU and Ver.di hosted a seminar on 27th of January to discuss migration and the impact on jobs and working conditions. 55 participants including (...)

EPSU Newsletter 4 February 2016

Remember the folks that brought you the weekend ? UNIONS

(4 February 2016) When I worked in AbvaKabo a colleague of the US union AFSCME gave me a dark blue t-shirt. It said: “Remember the folks that brought you the weekend ? UNIONS.” This is just one example of what unions have achieved over the years. Many hard won rights have been accomplished – and the fight lives on. To underline what unions do, next week UK unions will hold a week of action (8-14 February). The successes of workers and unions have been reached through struggle with employers (...)

Investigative report reveals how European Parliament’s Water Group links with lobby interests and industry

(4 February 2016) The Water Group of the European Parliament has come under scrutiny of transparency campaigners. Chaired by Dutch MEP and member of the EPP the group is run by the Secretariat of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform. Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) notes "By accepting the secretarial assistance of the WssTP, the EP Water Group shows its true colours. While it calls itself “the focal point for the water topic in the European Parliament”, in fact it promotes (...)

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