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Flamanville and nuclear energy

26 March 2015- update: EFBWW press release: "Labour agency Atlanco Rimec sentenced for social dumping in the European construction sector"

EPSU message of sympathy and solidarity to the General Federation of Yemen Trade Unions

(25 March 2015) Following the acts of gruesome violence that killed innocent men and women in the Badr and Al-Hashoosh Mosques, EPSU sent a message of sympathy and solidarity to the trade unions in Yemen. We strongly condemn such violence. The country is in a new spiral of violence and it is the working men and women, their families and communities that suffer. We support the fight for peace and prosperity of our colleagues. EPSU solidarity letter to Yemen T.U. (...)

Jakarta court cancels world’s biggest water privatisation after 18-year failure

(PSI press release 25 March 2015) The Central Jakarta District Court on 24 March annulled the water privatisation contracts of Suez (PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya – Palyja) and Aetra, finding that the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) were negligent in fulfilling the human right to water for Jakarta’s residents. The court decision is the culmination of many years of resistance by a broad coalition of Jakarta residents, trade unions, and other water justice activists. [1] They were upset not only (...)

EPSU newsletter 26 March 2015

With broad coalition working for change

(26 March 2015) Water activists and trade unionists from across Europe joined a demonstration in Brussels on 23 March, the day after World Water Day, to highlight the European Commission’s failure to act on the Right to Water European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). It is now already a year since the Commission published its response to the ECI and the European Parliament is now discussing its position on the ECI and its reaction to the Commission’s proposals. This was an excellent moment for (...)

World Water Day 2015: Right2water and workers in the spotlights

On the occasion of World Water Day (22 March) many events took place and many statements have been made. This year World Water Day was marked by recognition and appreciation of the important work that people in the water sector do to provide all citizens with clean drinking water 24/7. In the Netherlands FNV participated in a campaign “THANK YOU for tap water!” that launched a nice video clip. The Global Water Operators Alliance made a statement that pays tribute to the workers. PSI (...)

EPSU participated to ETUI Conference “Women’s Health and Work” 4-8 March 2015

(24 March 2015) Women work more part time and temporary work contracts. These jobs provide limited access to training (leading to limited awareness of health risks), professional advancement (leading to static work and higher risk of MSD), rehabilitation (leading to chronic health problems) – these properties are rather accessible to or directed at fulltime workers or male dominated jobs. Even when women work fewer hours, they still end up working more than men in terms of unpaid (...)

EU-US statement on public services

In the right direction but where is the text excluding public services from TTIP and TISA? (24 March 2015) EPSU notes the EU - US joint statement on public services agreed on 20 March as a step towards securing necessary protection for these services in trade agreements. The statement recognises that defining the balance between public and private services is up to the discretion of each government and that trade agreements should not impede governments to adopt or maintain regulations to (...)

EPSU supports National Gallery strike against privatisation

(24 March 2015) EPSU sends solidarity greetings to the members of the PCS trade union at the National Gallery in London who are taking their third period of strike action from 24 March. EPSU has already written to Mark Getty, chair of the trustees of National Gallery to raise concerns about the plans to outsource services, affecting 400 of the 600 staff. EPSU would support the earlier assessment of the trustees that privatisation would not be in the best interests of the National Gallery (...)

EPSU supports demands changes to EU Trade Secrets Directive and need for specific whistleblower protection

(23 March 2015) The Barosso European Commission known for its adament Pro-Business positions issued a Draft Directive to protect business secrets end November 2013. Ever since the Directive was issued it has been the target of criticism and similar protective clauses have been removed in France. EPSU signed on to a statement of a broad range of environmental, health, food safety groups, freedom of speech and trade unions concerned that the directive would limit freedom of expression and is (...)

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