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Our contribution to the multi-stakeholder dialogue on Benchmarking Water quality and services

(29 October 2014) In response to our ECI “water is a human right!” the European Commission said it would explore “benchmarking” as a way to achieve better quality water services in the EU. As a first step it organised a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss the subject and to hear the opinions of stakeholder in water services. As ECI organisers we were invited to explain our ideas of how benchmarking could help to improve quality water services in Europe. This meeting took place on 9 September. (...)

EPSU Firefighters Statement on TTIP

In support of EPSU’s resolution for the inclusion of binding social and environmental standards in the drafting of bilateral and multilateral European trade agreements. (29 October 2014) The EPSU firefighters’ network notes with concern the ongoing negotiations between the EU and the US to agree a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the signing of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA), two agreements that aim at an increased liberalisation of (...)

French soldiers have the right to form and join a union, says the European Court of human rights

(Press Communication – 29 October 2014) The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently ruled that the blanket ban on trade unions in the French army violates article 11 of the European convention on human rights that protects the right to freedom of assembly and association, including the right to form trade unions. The European ruling confirms that whilst certain restrictions can apply to military personnel, in terms of expression and action, a blanket ban on trade union membership (...)

EPSU Statement No to austerity - invest in our fire and rescue services

(28 October 2014) Firefighters across Europe are united in our commitment to provide an excellent, professional service tackling all kinds of emergencies and disasters faced by our communities. Yet neoliberal austerity policies in many countries have slashed funding for firefighting and civil protection. EPSU and unions affiliated to the European firefighters’ network are sounding the alarm. These cuts put lives at risk and cost the economy millions. We want investment in our fire and (...)

Municipalities concerned about CETA, TTIP and TISA

(28 October 2014) The criticism of the recent trade deals negotiated between the EU and Canada and the US is also echoed by municipalities. While not being against trade as such, the German organisations representing the municipalities have serious concerns about the proposed agreement with Canada (CETA), the negotiations with the US (TTIP) and on the global trade in services agreement (TISA) and have jointly pointed out the risks for public services. Market access obligations should not (...)

European firefighters to meet in Glasgow to fight austerity

Fire Brigades Union press release - Monday 27 October 2014 What: Meeting of European firefighters Where: Fire Service Training Centre Westburn Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 1AA When: 12:30pm, Tuesday 28 October 2014 Firefighters from across Europe will meet in Glasgow for a European Public Service Union (EPSU) meeting to discuss the pressures facing fire and rescue services internationally and to sound the alarm about how dangerous austerity is for all firefighters. Austerity (...)

CGIL demonstration for work, dignity and equality - defending migrant workers

(24 October 2014) EPSU has extended solidarity greetings to the CGIL Italian affiliates which are organising a demonstration 25 October. The unions demonstrate for work, dignity and equality. It will also be an occasion to raise the issue of migrant workers which is important now the extreme-right is on the rise in Europe and migrant workers are among the most vulnerable in our society. EPSU Congress adopted an important policy resolution on the rights of migrant workers. The demonstration (...)

Trade unions at EU Tripartite Social Summit: invest, invest, invest

The ETUC delegation made clear that the economic situation in the European Union is not improving and that the EU needs public investment to restore sustainable growth and create quality jobs at the Tripartite Social Summit 23 October. The summit preceeds the autumn European Council in which the economy and the Annual Growth Survey are discussed. Unemployment remains high especially for young people, some countries see years of decline, while poverty and inequality grow. Public investment (...)

EPSU sends solidarity to prison officers

(24 October 2014) Prison staff take industrial action over health service pay EPSU sends solidarity greetings to the prison officers who are taking action today in support of an improved pay offer across the health service. The workers are members of the POA, the trade union for prison, correctional and secure psychiatric staff, employed at three High Secure Psychiatric Hospitals. They voted overwhelmingly (78%) to support the action following the government’s decision not to honour the (...)

The Energy-Climate package in Europe for 2020-2030: the ETUC’s priorities for a Just Transition

(23 October 2014) The ETUC Executive Committee has finally adopted the Resolution “The Energy-Climate package in Europe for 2020-2030: the ETUC’s priorities for a Just Transition”. You will find the full text approved in attachment. Given the important decision which is expected from the European Council this week, the document has been sent already to the Permanent Representations of Member States here in Brussels. Please do not hesitate to circulate it through your own networks. EPSU has (...)

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