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Energy unions signs sector agreement

The SSESM energy union has signed a new collective agreement with the energy employer’s association. The sector agreement will apply international labour standards, harmonise employment conditions across the sector and establish a framework of rights for the employees. This is with a view to maintain fair competition between employers at a time when there is an urgent need to provide job security, promote social rights and a healthy working environment. The employers expressed their (...)

Regional impact of restructuring

The tripartite research body, Eurofound, has published a new study examining the process of restructuring from a regional perspective. Along with background research, a number of case studies look at the extent to which various stakeholders are involved in the process. This can include national governments aong with regional and local actors government, public employment service, social partners, the restructuring company and service providers. The commitment and active engagement of all (...)

New report analysis impact of economic governance on collective bargaining

A new report analyses the impact of economic governance on collective bargaining in six countries - Bulgaria, France, Greece, Portugal and Spain. It looks at the effect on both outcomes - wage freezes and cuts - as well as processes such as decentralisation of collective bargaining and undermining of multi-employer bargaining. The report is based on a research project coordinated by the Spanish trade union research institute Fundación 1er Mayo and Fernando Rocha Sanchez from the Fundación (...)

Union federations sign well-being agreement

EPSU and the industriAll trade union federation have signed a agreement on well-being at work with the French multinational utility GDF-Suez. The agreement aims to improve quality of life at work, looking at various aspects of the content of work and working conditions, opportunities for professional development, organisational changes and work-life balance. It also highlights the special responsibility of managers (from directors to managerial employees) regarding the issues of quality of (...)

Unions suspend talks with minister over civil service agreement

Anger is building among civil servants after four years without a re-negotiated collective agreement. The last agreement ran until 1 January 2011 and talks with the government resumed in May this year but the four trade unions involved decided to pull out. They are particularly angry that the civil service minister is blocking a change to pension payments that would have meant a 0.8% increase to salaries from 1 January 2015. Earlier in the month unions had organised protests around over the (...)

WICARE conference on pay and conditions in social services

The final conference of the WICARE project on pay and conditions in social services took place in Amsterdam on 18 November, organised by the AIAS research institute that coordinated the project. The overall findings were discussed and several country reports considered in detail. There was a general view that the reports provided affiliates with some useful and interesting information, providing a perspective on what individual workers actually thought of their pay and conditions. One of (...)

WICARE Conference 18 November 2014

The final conference of the WICARE conference took place in Amsterdam on 18 November attended by EPSU affiliates from Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland and Slovakia along with researchers from the project from AIAS in Amsterdam and CELSI in Bratislava. EPSU and AIAS staff explained the background to the WICARE project and how it had progressed. It was undertaken as it was seen to fit into the framework of the EPSU work plan which sees a particular focus on social (...)

Nurses continue action over jobs and pay

Nurses are continuing their campaign for more jobs and for improvements in pay and conditions, including working time. The SEP trade union reported high levels of support for the two days of action on 14 and 21 November. The actions put SEP in a strong position in the lead up to negotiations with the health ministry will take place on 15 December. Read more at > EPSU (EN) And at > SEP (...)

Luxleaks parliament enquiry - EPSU asks MEPs to support the vote

(27 November 2014) EPSU asks the Members of the European Parliament to support today’s vote for the establishment of a Parliament enquiry on the #Luxleaks : Like many of you and many European citizens we are very shocked at the use of Luxembourg as a tax haven as revealed by the International Consortium of Investigate Journalists (#Luxleaks). While it was known that such tax deals took place, it is their industrial scale and the amounts of funds involved that are staggering. This is (...)

European Agreement signed on Well-being at Work with GDF SUEZ

(27 November 2014) Today, Thursday 27 November, the European Industry federations EPSU and IndustriAll Europe have signed a European agreement with GDF SUEZ on improving quality of life at work. Through this agreement, GDF SUEZ recognises that since men and women constitute the principal strategic resource of the company, the company must look after the “physical, mental and social well-being” of all its employees. Well-being at work involves paying attention to each employee both as an (...)

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