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End Corporate Greed - World Day for Decent Work 2015

(31 August 2015) The ITUC is calling on all unions to engage in the World Day for Decent Work 7 October 2015. Unions celebrate our common struggle to ensure decent jobs for workers. The theme this year is End Corporate Greed. For more information WDDW 2015

Withdraw law that attacks trade unions in Ukraine asks participants at a European meeting

(31 August 2015) The draft law on registration of trade unions should be withdrawn in the Ukrainian parliament. This was the conclusion of several European trade unionists. They considered the consequences of the law on the workers and their unions. The draft makes it much more difficult to organise workers. It also fits in statements of Parliamentary and government representatives to weaken the trade unions. The law was proposed without any discussion with the unions by a group of (...)

Studies link long hours to higher risk of strokes

(20 August 2015) A major review of research covering over 600,000 men and women concludes that longer working hours increase the risk of strokes compared to standard working hours. The analysis of 25 published and unpublished research concluded that individuals who work 55 hours or more per week have a 1·3-times higher risk of incident of strokes than those working standard hours (35-40 hours a week. The research appears in the latest issue of the British medical journal The Lancet and the (...)

25% pay increase for health workers

Health workers are set to see their wages double over the next two years as a series of pay increases have been agreed with the government. The Sanitas trade union has been campaigning for pay increases for some time as one of the key measures to tackle the recruitment crisis in the sector. After lengthy negotiations the government has now agreed to increase health workers’ pay by 25% from 1 October this year. This will be followed by further 25% increases over the next two years. Other (...)

Health workers win better pay and end to private contract

Members of the GMB trade union working for the Sodexo multinational at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals have voted to accept the company’s offer to put all permanent employees on contracts which mirror National Health Service terms and conditions of employment. The members are employed as porters, housekeepers, cleaners and on the patient feeding services and this outcome is the result of a long-running campaign. There will be pay rises of up to 6% plus enhanced shift pay, better (...)

Union protests over wage arrears and staffing levels

(14 August 2015) The Romanian prison workers’ union, SNLP, organised a protest yesterday outside the offices of the national prison service. The union went ahead with the action after the government failed to respond positively to the union’s demand to pay eight months of wage arrears and improve working conditions. The protest and a union press conference were widely reported in the media. The SNLP has put forward a number of key demands, calling on the government to: improve staffing (...)

Climate change, Just Transition and Jobs

(18 August 2015) Trade unions have taken a simple view towards climate change: “There are no jobs on a dead planet”. So climate action is a trade union issue. We have a vital role to play to protect jobs in existing workplaces and industries by demanding and bargaining for industrial transformation. We support new quality jobs in the emerging green economy and we fight for the ’Just Transition’ measures that ensure we leave no one behind. It means investing for the long term and investing for (...)

2015 August epsucob@NEWS 12

Germany - further strikes in prospect in social care; Spain - pay unfrozen but only a start; Bosnia-Hercegovina - more protests over labour code expected; UK - National Gallery staff in all-out strike; Romania - prison workers’ action over pay and staffing

Further social care strikes likely as arbitration is rejected

Childcare and other social care workers hoping for a revaluation of their jobs have overwhelmingly rejected the results of arbitration. Members of ver.di voted by 69% against the arbitration outcome, with a similar majority in the GEW education union and only slightly lower (60%) in the DBB civil servants’ union. Following the vote the unions met with the VKA employers’ organisation which failed to come up with a revised offer. Ver.di had to correct some of the claims made by the VKA about (...)

Unfreezing of pay is only a start for trade unions

The government has confirmed that public sector pay will rise by 1% in 2016 but this, for the unions, is only one step in a list of measures they want to see to reverse the impact of austerity. Firstly, there is still a question of re-establishing proper collective bargaining and not having unilateral decisions from the government. Then come a number of important pay and conditions questions relating to loss of purchasing power since 2010, loss of the additional payment in 2012, repayment (...)

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