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Project "Promoting Employers’ Social Services Organisations in Social Dialogue" (PESSIS II) (2014)


Climate Change – what priorities for sustainable development ?

EPSU 9th Congress Resolution (May 2014)

Union of Revolutionary Health Workers - Dev Saglik-Is

Utilities (PUT): a key driver for sustainable development

EPSU 9th Congress Resolution (May 2014)

Plane crash in Ukraine

(18 July 2014) EPSU and PSI send their condolences to all those affected by the tragic loss of life resulting from the downing of flight MH17. It is with great sadness that we heard the news of the accident with the Malaysian airlines/KLM plane which was probably shot down, and in which so many people died. An independent investigation will have to clarify what were the exact circumstances of this tragic event. Our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of the (...)

2014 July epsucob@NEWS 13

UK - thousands join coordinated strike; Netherlands - new agreement in local government; Romania - health union holds out for better pay offer; Europe - over 5000 respond to social services pay and conditions survey; Spain - cautious optimism over collective bargaining in public administration; Europe - working time back on the agenda

European Parliament’s Youth resolution is a step, not a solution

(18 July 2014 - European Trade Union Federations Joint Press Release) The six sectoral European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs), uniting over 30 million workers and organisers through the “Enough of their crisis – back to our future” campaign, appreciate the fact that the newly elected European Parliament has dedicated itself to addressing youth employment as a matter of utmost urgency. The European Parliament sent a welcome, yet smokeless signal by adopting a resolution on Youth Employment (...)

La FSESP recherche un(e) aide-comptable / EPSU is looking for an assistant accountant

EWC GDF-Suez achieves two good results in restructuring processes

(17 July 2014) It have been very busy months for the EWC members in GDF-Suez, in the first half of 2014. But the time and energy they had to put into two restructuring plans in the company returned in good results. In two consecutive restructuring operations the EWC in GDF-Suez asked and got job assurances in return for its opinion. The EWC met twice to discuss the restructuring of Shared Services Centres and twice to discuss the organisational structure of the new “Branch Energy Europe”. (...)

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