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2014 April epsucob@NEWS 07

Germany - pay rise for federal and local government workers; Greece - strike over job cuts; Portugal - demonstration over austerity and working time; France - waste workers take action; Italy - unions campaign at Red Cross; Denmark - care home collapse threatens jobs

Right2water nominated for Campaign of the year!

(16 April 2014) Our ECI-campaign has been nominated for the European Democratic Citizenship Award in the category of Best Campaign 2013, by the European Civic Forum. The European Democratic Citizenship Awards celebrates civic engagement and reward every year civil society initiatives and actors which give real substance to democratic citizenship, bring about social innovation and positive change in the life of the local, regional, national or European communities. We can be proud that our (...)

There are currently no job vacancies at EPSU

If you are interested in a stage in EPSU as part of your studies, are interested in the trade union or broader social movement and can demonstrate affinity with our work please contact jwgoudriaan epsu.org or send a detailed motivation and CV.

Country-Specific Recommendations for Health, Elderly and Child Care - Implications for Trade Union Work

Brussels, 10 April 2014 The EPSU article "The Country-Specific Recommendations as a tool of European Economic Governance – Implications for Trade Unions organising in Health Care, Elderly and Child Care" provides a description and analysis of the country-specific-recommendations for 2013-2014, and reflects on the implications of European Economic Governance on trade unions organising in health care, elderly and child care services. The article is meant to provide an overview of the EU-wide (...)

Election 2014 - Useful tool to check voting behaviour European politicians and parties

(11 April 2014) With the European elections less than 50 days from now, many people will consider who to give their vote to. Tools to check the positions of the political parties can assist especially when positions are maybe less well-known www.electio2014.eu/matchyour.... It allows you to answer questions such as: should maternity leave be extended on full pay from 14 to 20 weeks; should the poorer regions of Europe continue to receive funding; should the European Commission have more (...)

New EU Platform to fight undeclared work: progress or fig leaf?

(Press Communication - 10 April 2014) Following a consultation of social partners, the European Commission launched on 9 April a Platform to coordinate national actions and related EU bodies to prevent and deter undeclared work. It will bring together labour law and social security authorities, social partners, and the ILO. The Commission seeks to step up a coordinated fight against undeclared work that leaves workers with no rights and protection, undermines funding of social security, (...)

50.000 workers say: We need a change, we need a new path for Europe

(7 April 2014) We were with many and from all over Europe in the Euro-demonstration to demand an end to austerity and a change of direction away from policies that create inequality, poverty and unemployment Friday 4 April. The demo was headed by a large group of young workers. Young people are faced with very high unemployment, precarious jobs, worse pensions and pay. The European trade union federations are campaigning to improve the prospects for young people for the future. The EPSU (...)

Amnesty Report reveals links between police and Golden Dawn in Greece

The human rights organisation Amnesty International published a report on Greece that details the excessive use of police force against demonstrations, journalists, Roma, immigrants and other vulnerable groups, shows the links between police officers and the extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn and underlines the impunity of those policemen accused of brutalities or even torture. With Greece in its 6th year of economic crisis, with declining incomes, increasing unemployment and (...)

EPSU Newsletter 3 April 2014

The last Executive before our Congress took place on 1 April

(3 April 2014) We just finished the last Executive Committee before EPSU’s 9th Congress. The issues we deal with show that trade unions do have alternatives and are mobilised to obtain them. We reinforce our demand for more transparency from the European Commission in its trade negotiations to conclude the Transnational Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the United States by signing on to a broad call for more openness with a range of NGO’s. We reject liberalisation through the (...)

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