Unfreeze collective bargaining: EPSU support Italian unions’ demonstration on 28 November

(24 November 2015) Collective bargaining across the public sector in Italy has been frozen for six years and EPSU sends it support to all the public service unions who will be joining the national demonstration in Rome on 28 November. While many governments and public sector employers across Europe imposed pay freezes or cuts as part of their austerity measures, most have now begun to normalise their collective bargaining arrangements with moves to recuperate lost pay. The Italian (...)

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McDonald’s inability to give a straight answer on tax shows need for further investigation by EU

(Press Release – 17 November 2015) McDonald’s inability to give a straight answer about its corporate structure and how much tax it pays further highlights the need for a full investigation into McDonald’s tax affairs. McDonald’s was one of eleven multinationals grilled by the European Parliament’s Special Committee on tax. The evasive responses by all multinationals also justify an extension of the special TAXE committee’s mandate. The European Federation of Public Service Unions, which (...)

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Solidarité avec les affiliés et les syndiqués français

Déclaration du Secrétaire Général Jan Willem Goudriaan: (English below) image @jean_julien : peace for Paris

Chers amis, chers camarades, chers collègues,

Il est difficile d’exprimer dans des mots mes sentiments et mes pensées à propos de ce qui s’est passé ce vendredi à Paris. C’est une horreur. Il y a tant de victimes, de tués et de blessés dans ces attentats. La FSESP condamne tous les actes de terreur. J’ai la confiance de parler pour tous les affiliés quand je dis que nos pensées sont avec les victimes, leurs familles et leurs amis ainsi que le peuple français qui subit ce cauchemar. Un attentat contre le peuple français est un attentat contre le peuple d’Europe.

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EPSU supports for UN General Assembly to recognise human rights to water and sanitation

(12 November 2015) The UN is currently considering a resolution on the Human Rights to water and sanitation. There is discussion to split the human right to water and sanitation to ensure that the right to sanitation get’s more focus. Worldwide 2.4 billion people lack proper access. It is one of the Millenium Development Goals that have not been reached. The resolution before the Assembly includes the definition of the Human Rights Council of 2014. It says that "the human right to water (...)

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G20 countries lose most money from corporate tax dodging – but poor countries hardest hit

Press Release - 10th November 2015 G20 countries are the biggest losers when US multinationals avoid paying taxes where they do business. This is the main finding of a new report on the global tax system, ‘Still Broken,’ released by the Tax Justice Network, Oxfam, Global Alliance for Tax Justice and Public Services International today. Overall it is estimated that, in order to reduce their tax bills, US multinationals shifted between $500 and 700 billion—a quarter of their annual (...)

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